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RCCI Products in Customer Cars
If you would like your installation displayed here, email me your photo.
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Allen's M7123S tach installed in his cluster

Chuck's '69 Shelby sports a Rocketman conversion tach- looks original, works great

Salvatore's M7123S tach installed

Gary really likes the Rally-Pac RCCI converted for his 65 Mustang

The G2S tachometer looks great in Chris's Cougar

Ralph reports that his M6768M mini tach was 'easy as pie to wire'

Major Ken updated the idiot lights in his '72 Mustang with the M7123S warning light tach

Chad's red and argent Mustang looks great with a Rocketman tach'

Mark P runs an 8000 RPM tach from The Rocketman in his beautiful 70 ragtop

'Mac' is the original owner of this gorgeous Mach 1 seen in many magazines - the dash sports an RCCinnovations tachometer

M6768M mini tach in Mike B's Mustang

Ken's Mustang cluster with M6768M mini tach

G2S tachometer in Suds' 1970 Cougar

Anthony's 68 Mustang sports an RCCI M6768T 6000 RPM tachometer

G1S in Colin's 1968 Cougar

Len's 68 XR7 cluster with RCCI's 8000 RPM tach and volt meter

Mario's M7123S tachometer

Kenny M's 1965 Mustang Rally-Pac converted to modern movement

Brett's 1972 Mustang sporting a 'Rocketman Original' M7123S tachometer

Mini tach in Joe G's 1967 Standard Cougar with light blue Interior

Lou Gossett's 1967 Mustang Amp gauge converted to Volts


PSquare's 1978 Cougar XR7 Amp gauge converted to Volts

Headlight Relay Kit (Full) installed on Mike's 1970 Mach 1

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68 XR7 tachometer converted for Franc Harperink


73 Mach 1 tachometer converted to 3 wire

Sonny's 1966 Mercury Cyclone with amp meter converted to show volts

Sonny's 1976 Mercury Cougar with amp meter converted to show volts

Jim's 1967 Mustang with custom dash and 8000 RPM GT tachometer converted to 3 wire

Barry M's 1968 Cougar convertible with G1S mini tach

Matt B's 1968 Cougar with G1S mini tach in his custom wood dash

Steve's '69 Cougar with G2S standard tach and Eliminator faceplate
Steve made a video of the tach working. You can see it here: G2S video

Mark D's G1X6 conversion tach installed in the 'Local Hero' custom dash with white dial



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