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  • Do you do repair or calibrate speedometers?
  • I reface trip odometers and paint speedometer pointers but am not set up for anything more than functional testing of the speedometer itself.

  • Do you do reset or 'zero' mileage on odometers?
  • No.

  • Can you recommend someone that does work on speedometers?
  • Not from personal experience.

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Warranty Info

Trip Odometer renewal

Trip odometers are a cool option, but the artwork did not hold up. Are your trip odometer numbers sun faded, dried out or missing? I can reface your faded trip odeometer numerals.
No need to disassemble your speedometer - send the entire unit and I will even paint the pointer if you ask.

Available?  I need your gauge. Estimated return ship date: Friday, August 2nd



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