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   Hello, and welcome to Rocketman's Classic Cougar Innovations, where modern technology meets classic styling. Before you look around the site, I'd like to take a couple of minutes to let you know what RCCI does.

   Although best known for my patent pending 'Rocketman Tachs', I also convert Ammeters to Voltmeters, produce overlays for the first generation XR7s and plug and play headlight relay kits that fit most 60's and 70's Ford products as well as Cougars. I can also recalibrate your Temp, Oil and Fuel gauges. Many of my products are sold by West Coast Classic Cougar, Mustangs Unlimited and National Parts Depot.

   Before we go any further, let me say that I do not do tachometer or ammeter repair, nor do I calibrate speedometers. I am not a rebuilder. There are shops that specialize in concourse restoration, rebuilding and repairing OEM gauges. I am not one of them. I upgrade existing devices or create new ones to meet modern needs.

   What I do is convert your factory tachometer from a 'two-wire' inline tachometer to a modern '3-wire' tachometer. This is no conversion of the 40 year old movement - I replace the old movement and circuitry with brand new state of the art movements.

   My tachometers are BRAND NEW inside, professionally built in the USA to my specifications and are about half the price of 50 year old technology repaired with used 50 year old parts or the homemade 3 wire conversions offered by other shops, nor do we glue your dial onto an off the shelf aftermarket tachometer.

   The biggest reason people ask me to convert their tach is so that they can get rid of the MSD tach adapter. That's right, my tachs plug directly into the tach port of your MSD or other CDI box or to the distributor side of the coil for points and Pertronix type ignitions.

   In addition to converting movements, I convert 67-70 Cougar tachs from 6000 to 8000 RPMs. Using my patent pending process I also design and produce original creations for cars that never had a tachometer, such as the 67-70 Cougar standard models and 67-73 non-tach Mustangs.

   While my focus started with classic Cougars, I also do tach and ammeter to volt meter conversions for most 65-73 Mustangs, Rancheros, Cyclones and a few mid/late 70s Cougars and LTDs. There are pictures of some of my converted meters on my Facebook page. If you have a gauge from another vehicle that you would like to have converted, please ask.

   So you can see that my services are not limited to Cougars. I have many new products in the works, including some for Mustangs, Thunderbirds, Rancheros and Fairlanes. If you have something you want converted drop me a line (call or email, I don't do texting). I will give you a price up front and stick to it.

   My tach movements are so good that I offer THE ONLY LIFETIME WARRANTY in the business. In fact, that warranty applies to clock and ammeter conversions as well.

   All of my products have these things in common:
  • They look like the factory did it. The people that designed these cars were artists. Each model was a work of art and I honestly cannot improve the look of them. I keep my innovations as hidden as possible.
  • They are as drop-in / bolt-in as possible. No one wants to cut up their car or spend all weekend trying to make something fit.
  • They come with a lifetime repair or replace warranty. As long as you own it I will stand behind it. Just send it back to me with a note telling me what the problem is and I will take care of it.
  • They are affordable. I am a car guy that knows what it's like trying to keep a classic machine running on a budget.
If you're happy, tell your friends. If you're not happy - tell ME!

Bob, aka 'The Rocketman'

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