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  •   What is a field tester? Occasionally I have new products that I cannot test on my vehicles. When this happens I turn to my field testers.
  •   What will I have to do? Being a field tester is pretty easy. I send you the product, you install it, use it, give me feedback on the product and installation. If changes are needed I will make the changes and send the updated product to you along with a return shipping label to send back the previous version.
  •   Do I get paid? Yes and no. The final version is yours to keep. It comes with a full warranty. In exchange I ask that you promote the product via word of mouth and online in forums and chat groups, etc.
  •   Is it dangerous? I will never ask you to hook something to your car that I wouldn't hook to mine (and probably already have).
  •   What does it cost? Depending on what it is and how much I have invested I may require that you purchase a similar in production unit or pay a nominal fee. Sometimes (like with the non XR7 tachs) I give you the final unit for free.

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